Volunteer for Voting: Champion Tier

As a Volunteer for Voting Champion, you will devote significant time on the ground in Virginia assisting Let America Vote endorsed candidates running to flip both chambers of the Virginia state legislature. In making this commitment, you will:

  • Have access to one-on-on and group trainings run by Let America Vote staff as part of our Activist Training Program
  • Work directly with the campaign staff in your designated district
  • Have the opportunity to collaborate with other Volunteer for Voting Champions across the commonwealth
  • Become an expert on the local issues facing your district and Virginia as a whole

With the insight gained as Let America Vote’s eyes and ears on the ground in your district, you will help Volunteer for Voting Captains and Collaborators from across the country make the most of their time and energy. Housing may be provided for those making this commitment from outside the area.

Sign up now to volunteer as a Champion: